Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happiness is....August in May!

Happiness is: feeling the heat of our 80 degree weather at 7:00 am. (It feels like India!) Walking barefoot through the meadow, parting my way through four-foot tall grasses and wildflowers and fragrant phlox. Sitting down for morning meditation on a literal bed of moss. (So soft! I plan to carpet my future house with moss!) Watching pleasure boats carve silent wakes in the river. Listening to the giant and jubilant nation of birds singing. How many species of birds are there in this Hudson Valley meadow? Dozens? Hundreds? And yet they all live harmoniously, letting their individual calls join into one large healing song. A song that wakens something ancient in this human's blood. There is no "Us verses Them." It's all Everything. Listen. Happiness IS!
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