Saturday, February 27, 2016

My cure for post-India withdrawal and jetlag:

My cure for post-India withdrawal and jetlag: lying in the Florida sunshine, eating ‪#‎HailMerry‬ chocolate tarts (note the plural), reading YA fantasy fiction, studiously avoiding the gargantuan To-Do list, and listening to ‪#‎SinghKaur‬. If I had at at-home steam room, I'd add that to the list as well.


I am back in the land of hot baths...

I am back in the land of hot baths, high-speed internet, Western toilets, paved streets, and silence. While I appreciate that I am no longer at risk of having my long-trailing scarves and kurtahs getting accidently dipped into toilets pits, I miss the noise and the chaos and the mayhem! Last night was the first night in two months in which I was not waken up by amplified music at 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6:00 am. There was total silence all night long. My ears are buzzing as my system readjusts...someone told me this would happen (the post-India ringing-ear syndrome). What's that about?


Thursday, February 11, 2016

The amazing women at Amma's ashram

It's Friday morning here in India, and it's a day of goodbyes as most people are leaving the ashram to follow #Ammachi on her South Indian tour. I've met so many amazing people: the kind Monique from Montreal, who follows Mothe Meera; Padma from Michigan (by way of India) who loves Sai Baba; Patrizia from Italy, Uta from the Netherlands, the elegant Mireille from Paris, who looked so much like my Aunt Isabelle I could not stop staring at her. The two people who have struck me the most are 1) Maddie from Montana--who decided at age 79 to leave her life behind and move to India for good, because she had always wanted to and "never got the chance until now." Until NOW! My other superstar inspiration is Winnie from California, who left home at age sixteen, graduated high school at 16 and came to India at 17. This young, brave, nonplussed person has all the makings of a swamini. She has been talking about India since third grade, she says, and furthermore, she recognizes that any problems she may have had at home with her birth family were simply catalysts to get her to India. I rejoice in her has taken some of us years (decades!) to recognize that most life challenges are simply catalysts for growth. And here she is, at age seventeen, accepting her past and willing to accept whatever comes. From Maddie I learned it is never too late to become who you are meant to be; from Winnie I learned it's neer too early either. Rock on, little sister! And rock on, revered grandmother. I love you all.
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Friday, February 5, 2016

My album is featured on SpiritVoyage's Free Music Friday!

Surprise surprise...February 5th is my ‪#‎FreeMusicFriday‬ with ‪#‎SpiritVoyage‬. IPlease enjoy this free download of my track ‪#‎AadGureyNameh‬ from my new album BEYOND THE BEYOND. Based on a melody by ‪#‎YogiBhajan‬ himself, and featuring the response vocals and instrumentation of Renee Finkelstein (Radharani), this mantra will build a strong protective aura around yourself and your environment. Enjoy, beloveds!

Profile of me and BEYOND THE BEYOND on Spirit

I just realized that #SpiritVoyage posted a profile about me and my music a few days ago. I am quite out of my own loop here in India :) They even posted an old picture of me and my dog Chloe, which was a nice surprise. 
 The album drops today! February 5, 2016
You can read the profile here: