Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Everything You Lose Comes Back in a Different Form....

Because I move around so much (we're talking like daily) I often lose things. But I'm grateful that the universe is very kind in assisting me in finding those things. On Monday, for instance, I asked the universe to help me find my 128Hz tuning fork, which I had misplaced on Sunday after attending a sound healing retreat. Then, in the meantime, I lost my Kindle charger after taking a quick day trip to New York City for school. So I asked the universe to help me find that, too.  Then, lo and behold, in my search for the Kindle charger I was led to the tuning fork. 

So my Big Epiphany of the Day is: often we lose things so that we can find other things.

It's like Rumi's beautiful quote:

Do not grieve for loss
For everything you lose
Comes back to you in a different form. 

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