Sunday, August 18, 2013

How Cool Is It When an Old Friend releases a Hot New Movie?

Several years ago I hosted a dashing young filmmaker named James Ponsoldt, who stayed at my house in Woodstock during the "Woodstock Film Festival."  This is one of the many, many cool things about living in Woodstock, NY.  We treat everyone who visits like family--whether it's Gabriel Byrne, David Byrne, or just some visiting parks official from the DEP. I had the honor of spending a few days with director James Ponsolt and producer Scott Macauley while they stayed at my house in 2006.  Yes, I'm name dropping. But why not? I'm proud of them and am always happy to promote my fellow artists. It was clear to me and the festival judges that these two men were not only immensely talented, but also caring and kind.  My dog Chloe, by the way, adored them too.

Anyway, it's been thrilling to watch Jame's rapidly rising career in Hollywood. It was even more of a thrill to read the spectacular review in The New Yorker of his latest movie, "The Spectacular Now."  Critic David Denby loved the film and called James "someone to watch."

I'm so proud of you,  James! I encourage everyone to see this tender, beautiful movie!

NICOLAS RAPOLD of The New York Times also lauded the movie:

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