Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This Snowbird is Getting Ready to Fly Again

Well, my winter in Florida is coming to a close, and while I am always looking forward to returning to my beloved Hudson Valley, said Hudson Valley is still currently buried underneath many feet of snow, and the temperature rarely rises above freezing.  So I am going to extend my stay in Florida for a few more weeks.  If I can.  Any takers?

I really enjoyed my time at Atlantic Center for the Arts and am always so impressed with and inspired by the other in artists in residence I meet there.  I visited the studios of Steven and Katherine Aimone's abstract expressionist master workshop and was blown away by the paintings-in-progress that I saw. The smell of the paint and thinners, accompanied by the sound of classical music on someone's paint-spattered CD player--reminded me of my undergraduate days, when I myself was a painter. Ah, so long ago.

Anyway, it is customary when we leave Atlantic Center for the Arts to sign the wall inside our cottage closet.  I was delighted to see some of my favorite writers' names next to mine: Nick Flynn and Rick Moody.  Thanks ACA!


Anonymous said...

Do you travel with your dog during your snowbird migrations? I can't wait to be a snowbird, but I want to take my dog with me everywhere I go!

Anonymous said...

Do you take Chloe with you when you travel? I can't wait to be a snowbird, but want to take my dog everywhere!

Lee Harrington said...

Thanks for writing, Jae. Chloe is no longer with us--she made her transition in 2013--so I am traveling solo these days. But I traveled with her everywhere--it's quite easy to do. Good luck and have fun. xxoo Lee